Become a Harvest Advocate

Destin Harvest needs your support more than ever. DH’s refrigerated trucks are mobilizing record food volumes. That’s right – in the middle of a global pandemic, we are breaking records. Over 320k pounds of fresh and nonperishable foods were distributed out in April from grocery stores, farmers, food banks, and warehouses, to partnering nonprofits that serve those suffering from food insecurity all throughout Okaloosa and Walton County.

With every $14, DH is able to distribute at least 100 pounds, or meals, for free to local feeding programs or directly to the community at large through mass drive-through food giveaways..

With every $100, DH is able to distribute over 700 pounds, or meals, for free to feeding programs in Okaloosa and Walton County. When it comes to major truck repairs, increased fuel costs, and other costly expenses related to food rescue and distribution, DH truly depends on the generosity of its community.

It’s so important that DH is able to capture support of all levels. Every dollar matters. Please considering committing at least $14 every year. Even if you only vacation here – this is the easiest and most effective way to give back.

Recurring Donations

Regardless of size, DH’s most valued donations are recurring or monthly. We know we can rely on these funds to fuel our trucks, pay our drivers, and cover the bare bones overhead that goes into the operation of food rescue and hunger relief.



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COVID-19 Hunger Response

Right now is not an easy time to give. If you have some way to give, our operation needs your support more than ever.

DH’s daily food pickups from grocery stores already contributes to over 120k pounds of food to feeding programs in NWFL every month. This year, DH had to source foods from new partners and host community-large drive-thru food giveaways to meet the major demand prompted by COVID-19. DH has also aided other food giveaways by simply securing food and delivering it directly on-site. On average, DH has mobilized an additional 105k pounds of food each month since April. In May and June alone, DH sourced and moved an additional 365k pounds of fresh and nonperishable foods through drive-thru food giveaways and recipient feeding programs. 

DH seeks community support to continue hosting and supplementing curb-side / drive-thru food box giveaways and to help with operation costs of distributing over 2 million pounds of food annually to feeding programs throughout Okaloosa and Walton County.  

Never in the history of our program have we experienced the need this great. We need your support more than ever. 

Please help us bridge the gap between large volumes of fresh, frozen, and nonperishable food surpluses throughout the southeast and mass food insecurity in Okaloosa and Walton County.


To learn more about our DH’s enhanced efforts to address local food insecurity click here.

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