Bridging the Gap 2022

Destin Harvest delivers strawberry milk

Food security is becoming less maintainable for families and individuals all over. The rising cost of virtually everything has driven more to feeding programs for assistance. DH and its retail food donors are challenged by supply chain shortages. Chronic hunger is developing into a much more pronounced and difficult situation to manage.

One in six children in the state of Florida faces food insecurity daily. Those suffering from chronic hunger in Florida require an additional $1.4 billion just to have enough food each year

DH just released its 2021 Annual Report. Click the link to learn more about hunger in Okaloosa and Walton County and DH’s operation for the past year.

Feeding programs are really struggling to meet the needs of their clients. There are simply not as much foods available as there once was. Since the end of February, DH has distributed 169,500 pounds of food for the year. DH is accustomed to moving 200k to 250k pounds a month. What we are experiencing is a significant decrease in food volume.

DH and Feeding the Gulf Coast have been meeting with various stores and their departments to educate about our program and remind them how much their contributions are appreciated. DH continues to work with FTGC to secure more stores.