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Food Insecurity in Florida is Devastating

Food insecurity in Okaloosa and Walton County is not improving. The brunt of local hunger is met face-on by struggling feeding programs that rely on reduced subsidies and largely on Destin Harvest’s weekly deliveries. The demand for Destin Harvest’s operation has not decreased since COVID. Recipient feeding programs are serving more individuals every month. People cannot afford groceries. Especially large families.


Local food programs depend greatly on Destin Harvest’s weekly deliveries to continue serving higher numbers each month. Based on survey data provided by recipient agencies this year, Destin Harvest collectively supplements over 100,000 meals each month in Okaloosa and Walton County. Destin Harvest’s recipient programs provide food assistance collectively to over 22,000 people in these counties monthly. Recipients receive five to six meals on average from a feeding program whenever they receive a box or bag of items. Many of these programs rely heavily, if not fully, on Destin Harvest’s weekly donations.


If you need food, click here to see active recipient feeding programs that serve the community at large.


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