There are many concerns and general question when dealing with acquiring, transporting, and delivering foods. This page is dedicated to answering these questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Q. What kind of foods do Destin Harvest accept?

A. Destin Harvest accepts all food types from – frozen or raw meats, produce, frozen dinners, breads, pastries, dairy products, seafood, all non-alcoholic beverages and non-perishables. Destin Harvest cannot accept foods that have already been plated and served, expired non-perishables, expired meats that are not frozen, any foods with visible mold, or alcoholic beverages. Foods must still be in an edible condition.

Q. Is it safe to donate food? What if someone gets sick, will my company be held liable?

A. Food donors in the state of Florida are protected by “Jack’s Lending a Helping Hand Act” and “The Good Samaritan Law” on a federal level. Destin Harvest has compiled all the documentation on both layers of protection into one document – please view our “what about liability” page for more information.

Destin Harvest is a food safe staff organization and is certified with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA), and take the utmost care when transporting and dealing with foods. Our drivers have been trained and certified to work with food. To date, we have not had one case of anyone becoming sick or ill from donated foods.

Q. Who can donate foods?

A. Destin Harvest can only accept prepared and raw foods from certified businesses in the food industry. Canned goods and non perishable items are acceptable by anyone.

Q. What are the benefits of donating food?

A. Donating food is not only rewarding it is cost effective. Food donors should be able to receive a tax credit for their food donations. Destin Harvest records the amount of pounds for each donation and provides the donor with a total at the end of the year. Each individual business should consult with an accountant to figure the average cost and appreciated value of donated foods.

Q. Does Destin Harvest have a warehouse to store foods?

A. No. All foods are picked up and delivered directly to non-profit organizations that have feeding programs.