Destin Harvest is a non-profit food harvest organization servicing Okaloosa and Walton County. Our organization employs a fleet of refrigerated trucks to harvest high volume food donations from local grocery stores, restaurants, and wholesalers. Foods that are harvested by our refrigerated trucks are delivered directly to over 40 active feeding programs in Okaloosa and Walton County the same day for free. Our trucks pick up from 23 regular food donors and operate six days a week and distribute over 120,000 pounds a month.

Destin Harvest Bridges The Gap Between Food Surplus and Hunger in Northwest Florida

Destin Harvest Food Rescue Truck

Why we do it -

Every day thousands of Floridians go hungry. Some are sick,  unemployed, or homeless. Many are elderly. Many are in working families, military, or retired veterans.

Yet each day thousands of pounds of good, fresh food are thrown away in our community. However, restaurants, country clubs, retailers, wholesalers, caterers, hotels, and cafeterias are able to don ate their “unexpected overages” without hesitating about liability. Destin Harvest delivers the wholesome food immediately to agencies feeding those in need.

Our Goal

Destin Harvest’s objective is to effectively supplement all qualifying feeding programs, such as soup kitchens, food pantries and homeless shelters, within Okaloosa and Walton County with free nutritious foods.