Little girl with bag of food. Hunger in the state of Florida is a very real issue for children, families, veterans, and individuals struggling each day just to satisfy basic needs. For a young child, outside of school hours, to be without food is a hidden reality faced everyday by teachers, churches, shelters, and other local service programs. And for a working mother to go hungry sacrificing a package of noodles, or frozen dinner, just to feed her child is also a dim reality that goes unseen constantly.

The key to ending hunger in our local community is for programs to have free access to fresh foods. By harvesting fresh meats, dairy items, fruits, and vegetables for local feeding programs, food insecurity can be effectively addressed in Northwest Florida.

Destin Harvest serves a vital role in the community by delivering free foods to over 35 local organizations that work directly with hundreds of hardworking families and individuals in need of real support. For more information about our organization or how we operate please refer to  About Us.  If you have any questions about our operation please contact us and we’ll make sure to get back to you!

Together, we can make a difference, one meal at a time.

Harbor Docks 22nd Annual Thanksgiving

Harbor Docks and Destin Harvest would like to invite your family to join us for our 22nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Everyone is welcome. While there is absolutely no charge, donations will be accepted from those capable of making them. All proceeds will benefit Okaloosa Habitat and Destin Harvest. This traditional, homestyle Thanksgiving Day feast will be served from 11 am ’til 7 pm, only at Harbor Docks, the heart of Destin.

Support Destin Harvest for Hunger Awareness Month

This November, Destin Harvest is seeking support from the community to help spread awareness for local hunger relief. There are many ways to support Destin Harvest and its network of recipient feeding programs. Volunteering, or donating food or funds, at any one of the 40 feeding programs DH services is an outstanding way to support DH and local hunger relief. With literally thousands of locals seeking food assistance weekly in both Okaloosa and Walton County, DH and its far-reaching network of feeding programs serve a vital role in meeting the needs of our community. There is no possible way that it could be done without your support. To learn more about the programs we service, please click here.

DH also benefits greatly from having its Facebook page shared by followers. The goal of awareness is to build an audience of active individuals that stay in touch with our program and becomes invested in our progress.

Another meaningful way to support our cause is to make a  donation or become a monthly donor.  With just $20, DH is able to deliver over 150 meals to feeding programs is Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Defuniak, Santa Rosa Beach, and Destin!

In addition to eliminating hunger in our community, DH strives to earn the support of its community. The only way we can truly maintain our service to local feeding programs is to be valued by the community. It is our effort this month to acquire

Destin Harvest’s Major Sponsors

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